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Riding Mountain National Park Film Festival


Riding North recently played at the 1st annual Riding Mountain National Park Film Festival. Visit http://www.rmnpfilmfest.ca for more details.

Bikesploitation Bicycle, Film and Art Festival in Memphis, Tennessee

Riding North will be showing at the 3rd annual Bikesploitation Bicycle, Film and Art Festival in Memphis, Tennessee which runs May 24-26, 2013. http://bikesploitation.com

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Riding North National Premiere

photoRiding North will premiere nationally on RADX , January 29th, 2013 at 9:00 pm ET.

Riding North Article from the Brandon Sun

L-R Chris Mitchell, Steve Langston, Ryan Mitchell

L-R Chris Mitchell, Steve Langston, Ryan Mitchell

From pipe dream to the silver screen, three Brandon filmmakers have managed to shuck the bright lights and the bigger is better mentality with their low budget film titled “Riding North.” The film followed Steve Langston on a 30-day bike tour through the Yukon and North West Territories. Shot during June of 2010 with a $0 budget, Steve Langston, Chris Mitchell and Ryan Mitchell admit they had no expectations when they first decided to make a movie about a 2,000 kilometre, 30-day bike tour in one of the most northern and remote areas of Canada. “It was a crazy trip and we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into,” Chris Mitchell said. Today, the crew is eagerly anticipating the film’s debut on the radX — Risk. Adventure. Danger. — network this month after being purchased by a HiFidelity executive at the Gimli Film Festival. “When we started out Steve didn’t know much about film making and we didn’t know anything about biking, so we were just in way over our heads which is a big reason I think it turned out so well,” Mitchell said. (more…)

How the boys took an idea from outrageous concept to feature length video and sold it to Canada’s largest private broadcaster.

I was fortunate enough to receive a digital camera for Christmas from my parents around 2003 and it was a pivotal moment in my life. I never considered myself artistic because I couldn’t draw. I now realize that my worldview on arts and creativity was flawed and that I had lots to offer in the creative space. The path from making my first terrible video to where I am at today has been one of constant learning, and that’s why I love film making. Even today I make video’s and think they suck. It’s that constant drive to be the best that drives you to be better and become a success. The path from that first digital camera to having a movie appear on Cable TV in HD seems like a dream but it actually happened and I feel compelled to share it with the world. (more…)

The Buffalo Story

Buffalo FightingAuthor: Steve Langston

I cycled around the corner solo and immediately applied my brakes when I saw a large wood bison standing on the narrow gravel road, casually swatting flies with his tail. While waiting for my friends to catch up so we could pass this beast together, another bison emerged from the thick bush and the two started slamming their wheel barrel sized heads into each other with the violence of a mid-intersection car crash.

There were no ditches on this stretch of the Liard HWY. Where the gravel ended, the forest began.

The two fighting animals were quickly joined by the entire herd. The three of us had no idea what to do. We had ran into bison a week earlier near the Liard Hot Springs which were comfortable with cars, but easily spooked by a group of bicycle tourists.

We took a picture with 30 or 40 animals in the background and waited for about 20 minutes. A few animals took notice of us but for the most part they hung out like teenagers in front of a 7-11.

We needed to make progress and weren’t about to turn around, so we decided that we would slowly move forward in hopes of persuading the animals to let us pass.

As we were about to pedal forward we heard thunderous crashing noises from the bush. I felt the blood rush out of my face as I saw the biggest bison in my life trotting aggressively towards us.

It was like someone had kicked me in the gut. Realizing that the dominant male has ambushed us, the three of us looked at each other paralyzed with fear. The animal was now 20 meters away, his body squared towards with his tail raised, a classic warning sign from a bison.

We quickly turned 180 degrees and retreated, hoping that the bull would perceive us as non-threatening and leave us alone. We pushed our bikes about 100 meters and turned onto a side road, out of site of the herd.

We waited there for about fifteen minutes trying to get our heart rates and adrenal glands under control. The three of us peered around the corner to see entire herd of bison coming quickly towards us.

A truck had approached from the north and was now pushing the entire agitated troupe towards us. Having witnessed the power of a bison battle only a few minutes prior, my life flashed before my eyes.

We stood granite still with bated breath as most of the bison trotted right past us. The drivers of the truck stopped and could see that we were seriously rattled about the whole situation.

The bison were still surrounding us and we felt threatened enough to ask for a ride. The driver of the vehicle chuckled at us as we loaded our bikes and trailers into the box of his truck and he gave us a lift a few kilometers north, out of the eye of the threat of imminent death.

Download “The Buffalo Story” and the rest of the movie ‘Riding North’ in HD by clicking here!

Director’s Vision

I’ve known Steve Langston for more than 15 years. I wouldn’t say that we have been the best of friends during this time, but we have always shared the same offbeat sense of humor, which has kept us close over the years.

Steve started bike touring around the same time I began studying filmmaking. He would phone me while on the road and fill me in on his latest adventures. The stories blew my mind! I knew that I wanted to try bike touring and told Steve that I would tag along one day and shoot a film. This didn’t happen right away as Steve is a tough guy to keep up with. It didn’t take long until he had more than 25,000 kms under his belt, written two guidebooks and showed no sign of slowing down anytime soon. (more…)

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