Steve Langston is a passionate cycle tourist that has rode over 25 000 kilometers since 2006. Along the way he has authored 2 popular guidebooks including the only guide to cycling across Canada. It sells nationally at Mountain Equipment Co-op and on Amazon across the globe. When he’s not bike touring Steve runs Dirty T Shirt Productions, a video production company in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His clients include the Province of Manitoba, Travel Manitoba, Tourism Winnipeg and many of Manitoba’s most visible brands. He recently produced his second documentary “Tailwind Prairie Harvest” a 24 minute film that in which he cycles 1200 kms around Manitoba consuming only food sourced within the province. It can be seen on MTS on Demand and will tour film festivals in the summer of 2013. His goal is to be a global ambassador for bike touring and motivate people to hop on their bike and travel.



Chris is a filmmaker that leads by example. The passion and tenacity he demonstrates makes him an asset to any production team he is part of. In 2007 he completed a two-year Media Production diploma specializing in Audio / Visual / Multimedia. This gave him the opportunity to work as a Videographer / Editor on a number of different projects in Southwestern Manitoba.  After working as a Videographer for a year, Chris decided to further his education and enrolled in Vancouver Film School to study Directing and Cinematography. Upon graduating from VFS in 2009, Chris worked on several independent films soaking up every bit of knowledge and information he could before shooting, directing and editing his first feature length documentary “Riding North”. Chris recently hopped back on the bike to shoot, direct and edit Steve Langston’s film “Tailwind Prairie Harvest“. He currently resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba working as an editor for Dirty T Shirt Productions and is always searching for his next creative endeavour.



Ryan is a passionate young artist who loves taking on a challenge. He grew up in the prairies of Manitoba, Canada and spent a lot of his time drawing, playing hockey and making short movies with his friends. In 2007, Ryan completed a two-year Media Production diploma specializing in Audio/Video/Multimedia. He gained critical experience working as a camera operator and editor at a local television station until 2008, when he moved to British Columbia to attend film school with his brother, Chris. Their teamwork grew stronger through a number of short films and documentaries and in 2010 they cycled nearly 2,000 km filming their first feature length documentary, Riding North. Ryan is an exceptional artist and his ability to produce stunning digital images enhances any project that he takes on. He recently worked as a director and animator on “Tailwind Prairie Harvest“. A film produced by Steve Langston for MTS on Demand. Ryan continues to live and work in Vancouver, BC.

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